Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A few more things

Read this earlier, came across this quote describing the media's current role:

Have you ever been fucked violently in the ear? And then your friend comes in and, instead of helping, starts telling you what the guy's balls look like? That's you. You're that friend.

I want you to protect me from getting fucked, and all you're saying is "Balls, balls balls."

What else...watched the Daily Show and was struck by Bill Clinton's at least three times referencing an event or issue in relation to when it occurred during his presidency.  I did appreciate the way he spoke about the "media narrative" of his and Hillary's supposed dislike for Obama.

Ah, and of course the Colbert Report.  Not every night one has the good fortune (and time!) to sit around for an hour...  I did like how he made fun of some republican congressman's analogy about how Congress' delay in passing the $700bn bailout is like someone stopping the firefighters on the way to your fire - he merely pointed out that Paulson, having spent 30-odd years at Goldman Sachs might better be called an arsonist...

And thank you for emphasizing the non-reviewable demand the fucking administration had the gall to include in their proposed legislation.

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K said...

Three things:
1. Oooh, I know! Didn't that non-review bullshit just piss you off? Fucking Paulson.
2. Clinton's meta-analysis of media narratives? Swoooon.
3. If you think that Stewart/Colbert stuff is gold, check this out: