Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Amtrak, guns. Guns, meet Amtrak.

And, dear pale-imitation-of-your-european-big-brother Amtrak, goodbye.
It has been decreed, that there are too many places in this great country that are safe from firearms.  Ostensibly, Amtrak is to approach guns in the same way airlines do - i.e., allowable in checked baggage.  In reality, however, many Amtraks don't do checked baggage.  So...
So I guess I'll drive.  Wait, does this mean the car companies were behind the lobbying on this one?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More healthcare

Responding to the Rude Pundit...
1. Agreed.
2. Sarah who?
3. Double yes, except - we can't win the argument because the other side isn't arguing.  They're fighting.  More specifically - I find that the democrats are arguing with republicans, while republicans are fighting for voters.  This goes back to the uselessness of bipartisanship in this effort - the other side simply has no interest.  Democrats need to stop standing around arguing against the inane and insane, pissing themselves in frustration from the effort of arguing with a 10,000 pound gulliver-sized screaming child.  They need to make these arguments to the people and treat the republicans like the irrelevant screaming children they are.