Thursday, February 3, 2011

Was I unfair

to Twitter?

I use Twitter fairly regularly.  Sometimes, it is a good way to find out what's going on around you.  Of course, for this to work, we all have to use it and update it with new info - so I try to do that some, too.  I've also found it useful in connecting internationally - makes for a cheap text message.  

I've seen some pretty innovative uses of it.  In DC, the streets department had a potholepalooza based on twitter, in which you could tweet the location of a pothole and they would come fix it.  I once saw a pedestrian indicator that had been twisted around to the wrong way - I took a photo of it and tweeted it @ddot.  They responded an hour later and the next day, it was fixed.

On Sad Songs

A good sad song is good because it leaves you stronger and more joyful.  The song's power to do this rests in its sweetness, or bittersweetness.  The song has to be sweet and sad.  Then and only then, the song can be a thing you stand upon and can depend upon as a source of strength.