Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Non violence

So I say if you are committed to nonviolence then commit nonviolence flagrantly. See how far you can take it. Show how utterly fraudulent is this belief that every man must participate in the dance.

The argument may be made that a man must show he is willing to fight or he will be a victim. That may obtain in prison. But prison rules should not obtain in a free society. If a man is unsafe because he is not feared, then there is something wrong with the agreements that obtain in his social group. He then has a choice of leaving that social group. If nonviolence is to take hold in the world and stop war, then a man must be willing to leave his social group if its belief system is mired in the perpetuation of violence. It is a high price to pay but those who have changed the world nonviolently have paid a high price.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Primary Care Physicians

I agree.  Far and above my greatest frustration is simply having a fucking doctor to see, one that I trust and who I feel is willing to help me with decisions about my health.  I've had none, zero, zilch luck with this so far in DC.  Our profit-centered system rewards health insurance companies for denying care and (specialist) doctors for ... being specialists.  What about good health?  Show me, come on you goddam free market worshippers, where is the incentive for good health?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Bearing false argument

Tom Ridge says he thought politics were involved, so an advisor to the president against whose administration he levels the charge says politics were never discussed.  Because that's what he said, right?  Because that's how it goes down, right? 
And CNN sleeps tight, knowing they covered all two sides...