Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things to keep track of, #1

  • Crashing economies, especially developing countries and the world's poor. Everyone talks about the US, and how Iceland went bankrupt, but really, we're going to be ok. Not great, but ok. What about all those 1.4 billion making less than $1.25 per day?
  • Sudan. Horrific conflict that I'm sure my country, myself, somehow have a role to play...
  • Russia. What in the world is going on there, what are they thinking, how are we the same? and different?
  • Congo. There's a war going and a lot of people are dying. What role am I playing in this?
  • Good theatre. I saw Hamlet last night and it was awesome. Reminded me that I love theatre and need to spend more time with it.
  • Bees. Are the bees still dying? Is this a sign of something going wrong in the system? Are we doomed?

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