Friday, November 23, 2007

A thanksgiving surprise


I felt really free being away from my family for thanksgiving this year. I love my families traditions of thanksgiving in Utah, don't get me wrong. I would spend it with my grandparents and eat delicious freshly made rolls which are full of butter. We would also eat the most delicious strawberry jam. There were roles at R's house, but i didn't try them. I later found out after the meal that these roles were warm and one of the most delicious parts of the meal according to K's dinner run down. AGGG. i hate myself for being so bias. Regardless, i am sure they weren't as good as my families. But still, i got to try new things! Like CORN Cassorole!!!! delicious! and Grandma Gross's chocolate pudding.

I was also able to bring one of my family traditions to the meal. I brought See's candies. In my family we eat See's candies at every occasion. We love must be something about growing up in a family of three women and living with a my father, a complete chocolate addict ohh yeah, and something about that mormon sweet tooth! Anyways, in my family with my father as an exception, the women would eat and share the chocolates. I remember hearing stories of my aunt as a young girl who would dig holes in the bottom of the See's candies to see what kind it was. This is something i would do. This year, K, S and I all took bites of our delicious different chocolates and then shared bites with each other. When we offered a bite to R, he took the whole chocolate and popped it into his mouth. We all shared agreement that this was the incorrect social action. IT was a funny incedent.

i also got to experience a drinking culture which goes along with R's family's thanksgiving. This is unheard of in my family. Of course, hardly anyone drinks in my family, so i guess this makes sense. as i have gotten older on my other side of the family, drinking has become a small element to Christmas time.
I really love the idea of drinking with my family. I love being silly, yet only to a certain extent. it is a fine line between being able to do other things and being able to drink. Why do i think of these things in such binary terms?

Freedom or Family...i guess it depends on what side of the family we are talking!

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