Wednesday, November 21, 2007

On Loud Noises

Voila a quote from the Rude Pundit (a blogger):

Remember that the Republicans are liars and that Americans have a short-term memory that makes the guy in Memento seem like a talking encyclopedia. And the thing about good liars is that they can say their lies with a straight face, say them so it looks like they believe the lies with all their hearts and who are we to dare question them. You have to treat them like the liars that they are. The way to do this is not to politely tell everyone how incompetent the Bush administration has been. The way to do it is to say they are liars and make their lies plain.

Rude is a good word for it.  Brutal, and sometimes brutally pointless.  Very good at raising hell in an often funny and pointed fashion.  So.  Is it necessary?  The above quote, coupled with just having read the blog, points to a belief that Americans in general respond only to public conviction, as forceful as possible and with a dollop of patriotism, if you please. 

Loud, angry, forceful, rude, convicted.  Is this what matters?  If some guy yells, "Gays are unnatural!!!!!" and someone else quietly states, "So are plastic, air conditioning, and SUVs..."   Who wins? 


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