Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Too many coincidences

They began last night, these coincidences of topic.  (Update: having written this post, I realize they didn't begin last night by any stretch but the quote at the end of post just got me thinking.  This post could be much longer)

Stopped at a's house to help move a couch (which actually was mostly taken care of by the three-armed duo before my arrival!), and the conversation turned to indignant annoyance/outrage at Beyonce - her new song, If I Were a Boy.  We watched the video, aka watched part of it and got too annoyed and bored to finish it.  So, we looked up the lyrics.  I was hopeful that it was satire, in some way, but you know what, it wasn't.  Or, if it was, it was too good for us.  Just too sharp, that Beyonce.  Maybe.  

Maybe not.  

So, after some basic research into Febreeze, (A's new couch kinda ....has a scent, shall we say) we continued our journey of fake homo -

I Kissed a Girl, is a song re-done by Kate Perry.  We weren't sure how to take it.  Thought about it.  Decided we didn't like it.  Did some more research (ahem, yes back to the wikipedia).  Uh, kissing girls to get attention including from your boyfriend...... is undeniably and outrageously fucking stupid.

So.  What else?  

Oh shit.  Local random college newspaper ran an article today that almost made me shit and puke at the same time.  It's about hetero-flexibility.
This trendy word describes straight women who make out with each other to entice men but don’t consider themselves lesbians or bisexual.
Um.  Fuck off.

On the bright side, this gem from Britain.  MI-5 is actively recruiting gays.  In fact (and this is not in the linked article, but I read this earlier just can't find the article) - it seems you have to be out to get in, for fear that you would be vulnerable to blackmail otherwise.  (A sort of beautiful perversion of Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell)

Finally, have been reading Jocks 2, and will end with this quote, which really struck me:
His parents suggested a therapist.  Ryan countered that he would go on one condition:  They go first.  Surprisingly, they agreed.  After one visit his parents told Ryan they realized he was normal; they, however, would continue to see the doctor to work through their own issues.  Over time they came to accept their son.  One of his proudest moments came when they helped him move in with his boyfriend.  These days, his mother cheers him on at meets wearing Ryan's sponsors' logos - including Outboard.

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Kehla said...

The IDS is just now hearing of heteroflexibility? Damn, they're behind. That would've never happened in my time there.