Saturday, July 12, 2008

On Fake Issues, or, More Accurately, LIES (damned ones at that)

I noticed a post titled "The pushback against Democrat's attempts to limit online speech continues,"* on Redstate, and it caught my interest.  Dammit, I thought, here we go again.

However, I read the post and noticed that none of the links pointed to actual sources - just more articles similar to the post itself, advocating a position, providing petitions.  Hmmm.  This hyperlink - 'keeping readers informed about this issue while keeping the heat on Congressional leaders - appears to suggest an explanation, but in fact only: (a) makes an absurd claim that is the supposed "logical" progression of the issue at hand, (b) lies about Capuano (the Democratic House Member) making a statement calling the internet a "necessary evil" (he links to this statement from Capuano, which actually refutes these absurd claims), (c) repeats a vague and inflated claim about the intentions of the Democrats.

So, I read Capuano's letter that is the source of this fake controversy, and his response.  (Both available on the same page via his official House website)
In a nutshell, he recommended a LOOSENING of the rules with some recommendations on how to handle this.  Reproduced in their entirety:
  • Official content posted on an external domain must be clearly identified as produced by a House office for official purposes, and meet existing content rules and regulations;
  • To the maximum extent possible, the official content should not be posted on a website or page where it may appear with commercial or political information or any other information not in compliance with the House's content guidelines.
  • Any link from a House website to an external site on which the Member video is hosted must contain an exit notice.
  • CHA, the Office of Web Assistance (OWA), or other designated House entity should maintain a list of external sites that meet whatever requirements are established by CHA.

It's sad that even actual elected officials (e.g. John Boehner, House Minority Leader) are on the bandwagon.  Don't they have ANYTHING BETTER TO DO???  Fuck. 

* Not linking because it's a terrible post and I don't want to push up its rankings.  It's on Redstate, google it if you want...

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