Sunday, July 6, 2008

Movie: Homem do Ano, O

aka The Man of the Year

Picked it randomly and quickly began to fear it was a rough, street-level gunfight flick. Nope. Turns out it's (a) inspirational to grab life by the horns, and (b) complicated

So it's basically about vigilante justice.

Things I liked:
- he was given a pig after the first killing. he names it Bill, after seeing Bill Clinton on tv (the pig was later cooked by his wife. wrong move.)
- the complicatedness - a dentist offers to fix his teeth for free if he will kill the man who raped his daughter. don't actually know that the rape occurred, as the daughter is made out to be a huge slut, and the alleged rapist is black and the dentist freely proclaims his own racism and talks about 'building a better society'. he kills him anyway.
- the not-so-subtle undercurrent of racism behind the killings.

He eventually discovers he is being manipulated (don't know if it goes further than that; does he see the racism, the 'end' to the manipulation?) and he kills his demons.

Things I didn't like:
- somethings seemed reasonless. just there to help move the story along
- the inspirational aspect. the thing ends with the message that you can either let life push you along (and end up a contract killer) or you can grab life by the horns (and kill your tormentors) and LIVE! woo hoo!

Good movie.

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