Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More fun with the echo chamber...

Yes, it sucks that ridiculous pop culture et ceteras get more news coverage than the "important" things. 
That said, I think that Fox isn't being quite fair about Michael Jackson's cultural impact in this story.  But the point isn't the story itself.  It is, again, the laughably transparent pseudo-science they use to back up their story and the echo chamber they use to launder it.  I guess the moral of the story is: any time Fox refers to some random organization you haven't heard of, in support of a story, be suspicious.  Very suspicious.
Key tip off in this case - the research apparently doesn't apply to Fox itself (nevermind the Fox's headline today was 100% about the Jackson memorial ceremony.  The ir_ny, it is just so thick sometimes!.).  Other signs include: google search results for the organization include the organization's reference to itself as conservative; banner advertisements for noted conservative douche bags (who shall go unnamed here..); special ego section of the website (aka "analysis") bearing the name of the founder; and testimonials about the site (is this some new, bastardized form of peer-review?) are all by the same conservative douche bags who advertise on the site.
The organization is annoying, but only annoying.  The real problem is that Fox cites it without characterization or qualification, all the while proclaiming itself "fair and balanced."  This is the echo chamber in action, trying to whitewash a termite-ridden house right before selling.
(Links forthcoming, but this certainly isn't the first time this has popped up on this blog...)

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