Thursday, April 23, 2009

Joy, power, adventure

Sometimes, you're just struck.
And they walked along the tracks until they fell upon a cave
Where they talked of revolution and the first few plans were made
Through the tonic and the poison and the dwindling candle lights
They knew they'd fight together, though, they knew not who they'd fight
Well, adventure she's a strange bird -- she's brazen and she's shy
She'll swoop down unsuspecting, but she'll fly off if you try
To catch her for her feathers, she'll just show herself in scales
But close your eyes, she'll brush your cheek with wings of fairy tales
I could use a lot of words to describe how this feels.  Joyful, hopeful, confident, seductive.  It's like a verbal dance.
from Tales of Sweet Odysseus by Danny Schmidt - who is so cool that he plays in England and Ireland one week, and then back to podunk town Indiana right near my hometown - where he plays at a house party.

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