Monday, December 8, 2008


I grew up shooting trap* with my grandfather. I own a Beretta 682 combo.

Guns kill people.


## Well, cars kill people.

@@ But cars have other uses.

## So do guns. My gun is expressly for trapshooting (or hunting) - it's designed for birdshot. You could use it to kill someone but it's not a very good choice for that. This is why Dick Cheney's friend is still alive. Now, handguns. Handguns really have only one purpose.

So it's ok because my gun is less useful as a weapon against a person? I've made it a matter of degree. Compare to A, who would prefer all guns illegal.

She completely has a point. Simple googling brings up some useful numbers:
  • In 2005, there were 30,694 gun deaths in the US
  • 55% were suicide (17,0002)
  • 40% were homicide (12,352)
  • 5% accidents (789)
What about those homicides? What about protection - protecting oneself, family, or property in the case of home invasion?

And.....No. The numbers are a little older from the Brady Campaign, but they point out that in 1999, there were 8,259 firearm homicides in the US. Of those, only 154 were "justifiable homicides committed by private citizens with a firearm" (per the FBI). That's 1.8%. (And sadly, note the 50% increase from 1999-2005)

On the other hand, the Campaign states that a gun kept in the home is 22 times more likely to be used to kill someone you know than an invading criminal. "More kids, teenagers and adult family members are dying from firearms in their own home than criminal intruders." Christ.

At thanksgiving, this topic came up. There have been a rash of home invasions back home. My grandfather made it clear he keeps his arms ready just in case..... not sure how to feel about that. He also told us how he used to have a pistol for self-defense in the house - when the grandchildren came, he got rid of it (and locked up the other guns).

I don't want guns to be outlawed. I'll never keep a gun in my house for safety reasons, but I wouldn't stop someone else from doing it. Sensible restrictions, for sure. Like - automatic weapons. No. Simply, no, that's retarded and no one has a need or use for a freaking machine gun. And if handguns were illegal - wouldn't mind that either.

And of course, if I have children.... I'd want to know if their friends' parents kept guns.

*Yes this photo is our gun club (apparently from the time of the pharaoh), down on the banks of the tippecanoe

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